Monday, December 15, 2008

Do you have your child's artwork stuck in a folder or drawer? Or is the front of your refrigerator getting too full?

There's a better way!

Now you can have a professional-looking, coffee-table book created from your child's art!

Funfolios can scan and enhance your child's artwork and get it ready to publish in a personalized photobook.

Once created, you can print your book at for approximately $25 -55 (depending on your choice of paper, dust jacket, etc.) and your book will ship directly to you. You only pay for the book design once, but you can order as many copies of your book as you wish.

Costs for book design:

$60 for up to 40 pages*
$80 for up to 60 pages
$100 for up to 80 pages

*Most children's artbooks will fit in this smallest format, and this price includes shipping your artwork back to you. A disk of your scanned artwork is provided for an additional $10.

To schedule your book, contact, and you will be given instructions for sending your artwork.